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Compact/Portable Balances

The Data Support Company provides you with the exceptional quality and unrivalled value in its portable and compact balance series. They are a perfect solution for any of your basic precise and accurate weighting tasks. The design of our balances is innovative and stackable which save space for you. They can be easily stored in the prep rooms or the supply cupboards. They are an ideal equipment for the school laboratory environments or the busy science classrooms. With a compact dimension ratio and easy user experience along with clear display, the balances of our company prove to be a perfect choice for you.

What do you need from a portable balance? The most important thing is the result which needs to be accurate and precise. The Data support Company knows very well about the significance of weighing compounds in different experiments, the ingredients in food labs, samples at field lab and at the veterinary offices etc. Thus, all the equipment made is up to the standards assuring no inconvenience for the valuable customers. There is a weigh-below hook in the compact balances too which facilitates the weighing tasks that require specific gravity and density measurements.

There are various benefits of our balances which include

  • safety and efficiency of the balances for saving space
  • security slot for preventing any theft
  • high quality construction standards
  • the balance powers off automatically for saving energy
  • when the capacity is exceeded, then an overload alarm warning starts.
  • The LCD on the scales is easily visible because it is vivid and backlit. The LCD can be easily seen in any lighting condition.
  • The balance operates with batteries or an AC adapter, depending on the model of the balance.
  • For weighing below the balance, a hook is also included.

There are various more benefits of using our compact and portable balances which you will experience after using them.