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Density Balances

Data Support Company provides you with highly accurate and precise density balances which employ the advanced EMFC (electro- magnetic force compensation) technology. Through this technology, the DSC promises unrivalled reliability and accuracy for precise calculations of density. By coupling the technology with exclusive ADC circuit that comes with an integrated compensation of temperature, the Data support company allows you a higher stability whose resolution goes up a notch to about 6 million counts. By purchasing the density balances from our company, you will be able to program all the adjustment parameters too. The programmable adjustment parameters allow you to rectify any sort of minor mismatch in various assemblies or balances.

The density balances are available in proper density determination kits. There are two types of kits

  • One type of density determination kit is mounted on a pan
  • the other one is for the purpose of weighing from below the balance

The density determination kit consists of

  • Pan assembly for weighing density
  • Glass beaker
  • A stainless- steel base for the beaker
  • For the determination of density, a proper software program
  • For testing the materials, an optional sinker that has the density less than water

The density balances of our company have been bought and tested by various companies and manufacturers. They have always provided us with positive reviews and it is a clear sign of the premium quality that we put in our products. Other than the density scales, our product range incorporates the laboratory balances, moisture balances, supermarket scales, industrial scales and weighing indicators etc. We also have proper balance accessories. Therefore, if you ever need the density balances, then the best option will be to hire our services and come to our company for buying the density balance that will fulflil all your requirements.