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Platform Balances

The Data Support Company offers a huge variety of industrial platform balances which are designed with some exclusive features that fulfil the requirements of heavy- duty weighing in the factories, warehouses, loading docks and the shipping and receiving departments. The platform weighing balances of our company are the best option for weighing the large boxes, heavy luggage, shipping crates, other oversized items and pallets etc. The platform balances of our company are often made up of fabricated or highly durable steel.


In order to offer traction and stability, the platform scales of our company are comprised of a specific diamond- textured surface. There is a wide range of balances provided by our company which are mentioned as follows:

  • The stainless- steel platform balances in order to weigh the oversized and large objects whose weight ranges to 4500 kg are used on the floors of the factory or in the warehouses.
  •  The GB platform balances of our company are also available to you which comprise of a stainless steel pan. The GB also offers  an excellent performance individually when combined with a suitable and  compatible indicator.
  • GF platform balance is another type of balance offered by the Data Support Company. The GF platform balance is compatible with a lot of  indicators. The  stainless- steel GF platform balance is provided in various capacities and sizes.
  • PT platform  scale  is another type of platform balance which is used for weighing the crates, huge containers on factory floors and warehouse  and the pallets.
  • In  order to measure the weight of oversized containers, barrels and wheelchairs, the  PTM low-profile platform will prove to be an ideal option. There are ramps on both sides which offer a smooth transition between the weighing platform  and the floor where the mobility is enhanced by wheels and handles.
  • AELP pallet beams are the reliable weighing balances which are adjustable according to the size of the object under measurement including cages, platforms and containers. The AELP pallet beams are suitable for agricultural and industrial environments.