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(Special Bundle Pack 1)(Special Bundle Pack 1)
Ohaus (Special Bundle Pack 1)
Sale price$2,580.25
Holder, Attached, Electrode
Holder, Stand Alone, Electrode
In-use-cover STARTER Benchtop Meters
Ohaus  710-T0 Triple Beam 700 Series Balance
Ohaus  Cable, ST103-AV DV EX MB PA TxxP 80252581
Ohaus  Cage, Sample, MB Series 80252477
Ohaus  COM2 Kit, T72XW 30132165
Ohaus  Ethernet Kit, T72XW 30132163
Ohaus  FC5513 Centrifuges 120V
Ohaus  FD15H FD Series Scale
Ohaus  Filter, Glass Fiber, Set(200) 80850087
Ohaus  Holder, Pan, MB Series 80252476
Ohaus  In-Use-Cover, Accessory, MB90 MB120 30284478
Ohaus  In-Use-Cover, MB23 MB25 80252475
Ohaus  Pan, Reusable, Set(3), 14mm, MB Series 80252479
Ohaus  Pan, Reusable, Set(3), 7mm, MB Series 80252478
Ohaus  Relay Kit, AC, CKW 71167967
Ohaus  Relay Kit, DC, CKW 71173377
Ohaus  Scoop, Accessory, MB90 MB120 30284477
Ohaus  USB with I/O Kit, T72XW 30132164
Ohaus  Wall Mount Kit, Painted, T31P 80251747
Ohaus  Wall Mount Kit, SST, T32XW 80251748
Ohaus 11103705 PCBA Transducer 760

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