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  1. Your Step-By-Step Guide to Wastewater Treatment

    Setting up an appropriate wastewater treatment system is not just a legal but also a moral responsibility for every industrial business producing wastewater. However, setting up a wastewater treatment plant is complicated and many business owners don’t know where to begin. That’s why in this article, we’ll cover this complex process in a simple step-by-step format. Our goal is to give you...
  2. Moisture Control Is Critical for Food Manufacturing: Here's Why!

    Have you ever wondered how some businesses maintain consistent quality across all their food products? From snacks and dried fruits to pet food and baked goods, they keep producing quality food all year round. Their food is never sticky and seems to last forever on the shelf. Is there some hidden secret you’re not aware of? We don’t know about...
  3. Microwave Moisture Analyzer Preventive Maintenance and Calibration Services

    A Microwave Moisture Analyzer should be precise all the time. Its precision is relative to many factors. One factor to consider is preventive maintenance and regular calibration. A preventive maintenance and calibration schedule has the advantage of securing your investment as well as ensuring that you’re getting the accuracy you need to guarantee you’ll produce the quality product that your brand is known for. We offer preventive maintenance and calibration services that see to it that your moisture analyzer will give you accurate analysis. Continue reading →
  4. Importance of Moisture Control For Low-Moisture Plastic Resins

    Resin drying is a critical process in most molding operations. Hygroscopic resins including nylon, PC and PET should be dried before processing. As per manufacturer instructions these should be dried and then provided with the appropriate amount of moisture for accurate processing. The drying step before processing is often missed out. For all resin processors, keep in mind that the primary reason for drying these plastic compounds is to preempt degradation of the polymer chains through hydrolysis. Splay or dis-appropriation in the molecular structure of the compound because of moisture becomes a quality issue during and after the final resin processing. It is a prudent step to test for dryness with moisture analyzers for plastic resins. Continue reading →
  5. DSC HFT- 3000F Ground Beef & Pork Fat Tester®

      The DSC HFT-3000F fat analyzer allows control of fat content at profitable levels and is cost effective for both small meat markets and large Chain Super Stores. This system is used in hundreds of markets with proven reliability and a fast pay-back period. Continue reading →
  6. Buy any qualifying A&D PRECISION BALANCE and get up to a 40% REBATE.

    Purchase any FX/FZ, GX/GF, or GP Precision Balance and email this completed form as well as your invoice to [email protected] Continue reading →
  7. Free New Lab Start Up Kit

    Get free lab equipment and supplies with the purchase of select OHAUS balances Buy an OHAUS Explorer or Adventurer balance between now and June 30, 2018, and receive a free lab start-up kit containing lab equipment, lab coat, and more! Buy an Explorer balance, get a free Hotplate/Stirrer OR a free Analog Mini Vortexer, lab coat, lab book, and pen...
  8. Buy an MB120 & Receive a FREE Starter Kit

    From now until June 30, 2018, every purchase of an MB120 moisture analyzer will include a maintenance kit as a free gift with purchase, containing a temperature calibration kit, drying pads, and cleaning brush! Redeem here
  9. Fat Tester Cost Saving Calculator

    Savings will vary depending on the selling price of finished product. For example we will examine ground beef with specification of 15% fat and actual finished product of 12% fat. We will assume finished product selling price of $2.20/Lb. at fat value of $0.30/Lb. for a sales volume of 5,000 Lbs./Week or 250,000 Lbs./Year:   Annual Volume x (% Deviation...
  10. Why people choose DSC balances?

    Here is some nice graphics about our numbers. Let us know what do you think? Why did you choose DSC? We would appreciate your response.

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