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Spectroscopy (Optical) Moisture Analyzers

At DSC, we stock the latest in spectroscopy moisture analyzer technology to suit a range of requirements. Whatever industry you require a moisture analysis in, whether it be agriculture, construction, food or textiles, we have the solution for you. Our machines use infrared technology to perform an objective LOD method assessment. With moisture reading accuracy of up to 0.01%, you can be sure that, when you invest in one of our pieces of kit, your money - and your project - are safe. 

When you need to quickly and accurately gauge the levels of liquid in a solid material, you should be 100% confident in your findings. With modern spectroscopy (optical) moisture analyzers, the element of doubt is almost completely eliminated, meaning you can respond to your clients’ needs quicker and on a more consistent basis.

The prices for our moisture analyzers start at $9,250 and go all the way up to $57,500. At DSC, we know that you have to buy the best to be the best, which is why we only stock proven quality machines. We're so confident in that fact that we're willing to throw in a year's warranty on our machines, for your added peace of mind.