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Easy operation and flawless construction; these are the unique features of Data Support Company’s animal balances. This veterinary weighing equipment are designed specifically to withstand the daily requirements of weighing cats, dogs and other creatures. There is a huge variety of the veterinary balances that our company offers and each of them is equipped with unique features and functions that are suitable for all kind of animals. Thus, the process of weighing your animal is highly convenient and seamless. The dynamic weighing capability in the scales is used to measure the correct weight of animals regardless of their movement. Moreover, the display can be held via an easy function so that the viewer can read the reading easily. Thus, the user can focus his attention on the animal.

The veterinary balances of our company are useful for using in any zoo, barnyard or field. The weighing scales of Data support company comprise of removable pans made up of stainless steel which are easily cleanable too. Thus, cleanliness, high quality and supreme features – The data support company provides you a perfect combination of all the features that you wish for in a veterinary weighing equipment.

The veterinary balances of our company have low- profile platforms which allow the weighing of large animals easy because they can step on to the platform easily with a sure footing. We have made sure that the surface of the balance is not slippery so that the safety of the animals can be ensured. For portability, many veterinary balances of our company are equipped with the battery operation whereas in order to offer maximum mobility, there are wheels under the scales too. So, whether you want to measure the animals daily for checking out their food intake or calculating their medicine dosages, or any other reason, just buy this scale and you will have every required veterinary weighing feature in it.