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Orbital Shakers Accessories

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Genie SI-1618 Non-Slip Mat for Low Speed
Genie SI-1616 Double Sided Adh. Tape Roll, 60' x 1"
Genie SI-1613 500mL Flask Clamp
Genie SI-1617 Adhering Mat, Blue, 18" x 18"
Genie SI-1615 2L Flask Clamp
Genie SI-1614 1L Flask Clamp
Genie SI-1610 100mL Flask Clamp
Genie SI-1612 250mL Flask Clamp
Genie SI-1611 125/150mL Flask Clamp
Genie SI-MX020 Max Tube Rack
Genie SI-1510 Universal Ratcheting Clamp
Genie SI-MX040 Max Microplate Foam Insert For 2 Plates
Genie SI-MX010 Max Tube Rack
Genie SI-G1750 GTS Adhering Mat Platform Accessory
Genie SI-G1650 GTS Flask Clamp Platform Accessory
Genie SI-G1550 GTS Ratcheting Clamp Platform Accessory
Genie SI-M020 MVG Tube Rack (set of 2 for 24 tubes)
Genie SI-1131 Stackable Wire Rack for Enviro-Genie
Genie SI-M010S MVG Tube Rack- Short (for 12 tubes)
Genie SI-M010 MVG Tube Rack (for 12 tubes)

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