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Ohaus MB27 (DEMO unit) Moisture AnalyzerOhaus MB27 (DEMO unit) Moisture Analyzer

Ohaus MB27 (DEMO unit) Moisture Analyzer

Sale price$2,099.99 Regular price$3,709
Save $1,709.01
Ohaus MB23 (DEMO unit) Moisture AnalyzerOhaus MB23 (DEMO unit) Moisture Analyzer
Save $1,762.51
Ohaus MB120 (DEMO Unit) Moisture Analyzer (Replaced MB45)Ohaus MB120 (DEMO Unit) Moisture Analyzer (Replaced MB45)

Ohaus MB120 (DEMO Unit) Moisture Analyzer (Replaced MB45)

Sale price$3,600.99 Regular price$5,363.50
Save $556.35
Ohaus MB23 Moisture AnalyzerOhaus MB23 Moisture Analyzer
Save $261.25
Sartorius MA35 Moisture AnalyzerSartorius MA35 Moisture Analyzer, 35 g Capacity, 0.001 g Readability
Save $1,051
Ohaus MB25 (Demo Return) Moisture Analyzer
Save $556.35
Ohaus MB27 Moisture AnalyzerOhaus MB27 Moisture Analyzer

Ohaus MB27 Moisture Analyzer

Sale price$3,152.65 Regular price$3,709
Save $687.50
A&D MX50 Moisture Analyzer (DEMO UNIT)A&D MX50 Moisture Analyzer (DEMO UNIT)
AND Weighing

A&D MX50 Moisture Analyzer (DEMO UNIT)

Sale price$2,050 Regular price$2,737.50

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ohaus mb120 moisture analyzer

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Moisture Analyzers, Balances and Scales

Data Support Company Inc. (DSC) has provided quality service and support in the moisture and solids/fat analysis industry for more than 20 years. The company offers a complete line of new and reconditioned microwave analyzers and infrared moisture and fat analyzers. In addition, DSC offers complete service and supplies for moisture analyzer and fat analyzer industries, including aluminum dishes, sample pads, and glass fiber filter pads. DSC is your One-Stop-Shop. We provide accredited manufacturer depot service, technical support, sales of calibration kits, consumables, and accessories at competitive prices. Unlike other dealers who leave their customers to deal with the manufacturer after selling them an item, we at DSC, continuously accommodate our customers for any inquiry, technical support and services that they may need after their purchase. Our long technical experience and training allows us to assist our customers to choose the product that works best for their application and budget.

DSC offers laboratory filters including Whatman, Advantec, Ahlstrom, Millipore, Pall and Tish offering glass fiber filters, membrane filters, glass top filters, quartz filters and all types of quantitative and qualitative filters.

We offer drip style fat testers including Hobart and Univex. Our state-of-art digital fat tester measures fat at 1% level with the highest accuracy and repeatability.

Application Chemical Engineers are available to answer technical questions on scales, balance, moisture balance, filters and fat testers specifications and features of our products, as well as to provide technical support and free troubleshooting support. Our Engineers are easy to contact and toll-free operators answer phone calls during office hours. URL indicates that DSC is a leading supplier of balances and accessories for the lab. For over 20 years, we have been a trusted name in the laboratory, providing balances from brands including Tree balances, GE, IWT, Advantec, CAS, Ohaus balancesMettler Toledo balances, A&D Engineering, Sartorius balances, Acculab, and Adam Equipment. Whether you are looking for an analytical laboratory balance, moisture analyzers for your lab, or a general toploading or precision unit, we offer a large selection for any application. Our range of lab balances includes: Analytical Balances, Toploading Laboratory Balances, Moisture Balances, and Microbalances.

Laboratory balance models are available with internal or external calibration, built in RS-232 and USB inputs to allow connectivity to computers or printers and stability filters to compensate for vibrations, drafts, or temperature changes. To find the right laboratory balance for your application, please contact our Application Specialists for free technical support to help solve your application needs.


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