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Shipping Box and FoamShipping Box and Foam
A&D AX-34 Halogen Lamp (replacement)
A&D AX-38 Protective In-use Covers (5 ea)
Ohaus Draft Shield MB23/25/45 (PN:83020582)
Ohaus Rubber Footing MB23/25 (PN:83020529)Ohaus Rubber Footing MB23/25 (PN:83020529)
A&D AX-35 Pan Handles (2 ea)
A&D AX-39 Dust Cover
A&D AX-36 Tweezers (2 ea)
A&D AX-37 Spoons (2 ea)
Ohaus Housing Chamber MB23/25 (PN:83020567)
Ohaus Heat Shield MB45 (PN:11113360)
Ohaus Protective Glass MB25 (PN:83020575)Ohaus Protective Glass MB25 (PN:83020575)

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