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Save $610.62
Ohaus FC5707+R05 Centrifuges 100-230V
Save $693.75
Ohaus FC5513 Centrifuges 120V
Save $751.56
Ohaus FC5513+R01 Centrifuges 120V
Save $359.88
BenchMark Scientific Z207-M Microcentrifuges
Save $296.52
BenchMark Scientific Z206-A Compact Centrifuges
Save $390.61
BenchMark Scientific Z306 Universal Centrifuges 115V
Save $2,737.98
BenchMark Scientific Z496-K Universal Centrifuges
Save $566.25
Ohaus R-A64x0.5/13I Frontier™ Rotors

Ohaus R-A64x0.5/13I Frontier Rotors Centrifuges

Sale price$943.75 Regular price$1,510
Save $918.75
Ohaus R-A4xPCR/15I Frontier™ Rotors

Ohaus R-A4xPCR/15I Frontier Rotors Centrifuges

Sale price$1,531.25 Regular price$2,450
Save $637.50
Ohaus R-A12x2/18MI Frontier™ Rotors

Ohaus R-A12x2/18MI Frontier™ Rotors Centrifuges

Sale price$1,062.50 Regular price$1,700
Save $367.87
Ohaus R-A24x2/16MI Frontier™ Rotors

Ohaus R-A24x2/16MI Frontier Rotors Centrifuges

Sale price$613.13 Regular price$981
Save $81.56
Ohaus FC5306 Centrifuges Frontier™ 5000 Series MiniOhaus FC5306 Frontier™ 5000 Series Mini Centrifuges

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