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Ohaus D31P30BR Defender 3000 Standard Scale
Ohaus V11P30 Valor 1000 Scale (REPLACED BY V12P30)
TREE PIZA 12 Bench ScaleTREE PIZA 12 Bench Scale
A&D FG-30KAM FG-K Series Platform Scale
Ohaus R31P3 Ranger 3000 Scale
Ohaus V71P6T Valor 7000 ScaleOhaus V71P6T Valor 7000 Scale
A&D FG-150KAL FG-K Series Platform Scale
Ohaus SD35 SD Series Scale
Ohaus D31P60BL Defender 3000 Standard Scale
AND Weighing EK-15KL Precision Bench Scale
CAS DXL-15050 Scale Base
CAS DXL-12100 Scale Base
CAS PB-150 Portable Bench Scale
Ohaus R31P30 Ranger 3000 Scale
CAS PB-300 Portable Bench Scale
CAS ED-6LB Bench Scale
CAS BW-150DB Bench/Platform Scale
Radwag PS 360.X2 Precision Scale

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