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Genie PP-B100-403 BG Vert Holder 50mL x 3 tubes
Genie SI-1139 Magnetic Strip Blot Box
Genie 0A-1100-070 Metal Rocker Tray
Genie PP-B100-402 BG Vert Holder 15mL x 6 tubes
Genie SI-BS05 Stainless Steel Beads, 5mm, 100/pk
Genie SI-BS02 Stainless Steel Beads, 2.4mm
Genie SI-1140 Magnetic 50 Microtube Box
Genie SI-1126 Magnetic Stainless Steel Bag Strip
Genie SI-2210 Magnetic Platform
Genie SI-2110 Standard Platform with Bands
Genie SI-1275 Horizontal Orbital Shaker
Genie SI-1250 3-D Orbital Shaker Attachment
Genie SI-1135 1 Magnetic Covered 100 Microtube Box
Genie SI-1170 Stackable Tray for Roto-Shake
Genie SI-1123 Clip Plate 10-13mm tubes
Genie 0A-1200-001 Non-Skid Tray for Enviro

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