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Compact/Portable Balances

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A&D EK-610i EK-I Series Compact Balance
A&D EK-1200i Compact Balance
AND Weighing EJ-54D2 Portable Balance
Ohaus SPX421 Scout Portable Balance
TREE HRB 3001 High Reolution Balance
Ohaus SPX123 Scout Portable Balance
A&D EK-600i Compact Balance NTEP Class III
Ohaus SPX6201 Scout Portable Balance
Ohaus SPX222 Scout Portable Balance
A&D EK-6000i EK-I Series Compact Balance
TREE MRB 2500 Mid Resolution Balance
TREE MRB 1200 Mid Reolution Balance
TREE HRB 20001 High Reolution Balance
TREE HRB 3002 High Reolution Balance
Ohaus CR2200 Quality Portable Electronic Scales
Ohaus STX6201 Scout Portable Touchscreen Balance
A&D HL-200i HL-i  Series Compact Scale
A&D EJ-2000 EJ Series Compact Balance

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