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DSC offers intuitive line of balances developed to further meet the needs and goals of laboratory professionals. New additions include high-capacity models for more heavy duty jobs, analytical models that offer automatic motorized doors to boost efficiency, as well as models that require traditional external calibration for a more classic approach.

DSC carries various brands including DSC, Sartorius, Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, A&D, Tree, Intelligent Weighing, and Adam Equipment. DSC offers a complete line of accessories including calibrationweights, anti-vibration table, dust cover, security lock/cable, printers and accessories, computer interface software, and density determination kit. DSC has a wide range of brands and models available at economical price.

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Ohaus is a leading manufacturer in the scales and balances industry. It has stood for quality and excellence since it was founded as a small store in Newark, New Jersey in 1907. Ohaus balances are high-quality, durable and reliable. The company also provides industry leading repairs and customer service.

Ohaus has a very wide range of products that cater to anyone from teachers needing a small, simple balance for classroom use to scientists who need Ultra Micro Balances which are accurate to the nearest 0.0000001 grams.

Ohaus Mechanical Balances are the simplest and cheapest form of balances sold by Ohaus. They are often used in classrooms.

Density Balances are designed for use in the jewelry industry. They combine reliable and accurate weight measurements with the capacity to assess precious metals. For example, Ohaus Density Balances evaluate the karat value of samples.

Ohaus Analytical Balances provide precise measurements and sophisticated data export capabilities. They tend to be used in laboratory settings.

Ohaus Precision Balances include both personal weighing scales and laboratory equipment.

Ohaus Moisture Balances are highly sophisticated measuring devices that assess the moisture content of small samples. Ohaus devices are available with multiple languages and can provide many different drying procedures and visualization of different drying profiles.

Ohaus Production Balances are swift, accurate and durable. They are used to provide high quality data to improve production processes worldwide.

Ohaus Semi Micro Balances, Micro Balances and Ultra Micro Balances are extremely precise devices that are designed for laboratory use. Their readability varies from 0.001 grams to 0.0000001 grams.

At DSC, we stock an extensive selection of Ohaus balances, ensuring you can find the appropriate one for the task at hand, every time.