MTC Bio T8750 Culture Tube, 5mL, 12 x 75mm, PP, w/ separate 2-position screw-cap, non-sterile, non-graduated, 1000 tubes and capped bulk packed separately

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MTC Bio’s new DuoClick™ tubes feature a unique, patent pending screw closure system. DuoClick tubes completely eliminate the excess force, splashing and general frustration of traditional snap-cap culture tubes. The advanced cap design includes two distinct positions for aerobic and anaerobic culturing (see flow-chart below). Just rotate the cap 1/4 turn to the first click to secure the cap in the aerobic position. Or, rotate it another 1/2 turn past the second click for a leakproof, airtight seal for anaerobic culturing.
DuoClick tubes are available gamma sterilized, with screw caps attached, and in our exclusive ready-to- use rack packaging. Polypropylene tubes can be centrifuged at up to 4,000xg.
• New patent pending screw-cap!
• Aerobic culturing at first click
• Anaerobic after second click
• Printed graduations
• Flat, markable screw-cap


brand MTC Bio
dimensions 12 x 75mm
list-price 130.00
manufacturer-part-number T8750
model T8750
quantity-per-pack 1000


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