GVS 1222260 Membrane Sheet 203x254mm PETE 10µm, 30pk

GVSSKU: 1222260

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GVS PETE Membrane is made from a thin polyester film with a high density of solvent resistance.
It is ideal for use in blood assays or general filtration where chemically aggressive solvents may be used.
The membrane is produced through a two-step proprietary manufacturing process similar to that of the PCTE membrane.
In the first step, polyester film is exposed to ion particles that pass through the film. As the ions pass through the film, they create “tracks” where the polymer is damaged.


brand GVS
dimension 203 x 254mm
list-price 962.35
manufacturer-part-number 1222260
pore-size 10
pore-size-μm 10µm
quantity-per-pack 30


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