GVS 1214565 MicronSep™, Filtration Membrane, Nitrocellulose 293mm 0.1 µm

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Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE) Membrane, non-sterile, 0.1 µm, 293 mm, 25/pk, , White, Not gridded
GVS Micron-Sep Membrane Filters: Nitrocellulose [NC] unsupported, Hydrophilic Membrane.
0.1µm, NON-STERILE, 293mm diameter
Composed of a mixture of inert cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate polymers.
Available in various pore sizes and in White or black with Grid.

Features and Benefits

The uniform microporous structure of these filters provides the fastest flow rates and highest throughputs available in a membrane filter.
Uniform Pore Structure: Provides Consistent Flow And Diffusion Rates
Less 4% Extractables: Leads To More Consistent Results
Lot-to-lot Consistency: Produces Dependable Results Every Time


microbiological analysis, clarification or sterilization of aqueous solutions, industrial hygiene Applications, gravimetric analysis with ashing technique and particulate-matter analysis.
Black membranes are ideal for Food And Beverage Applications


brand GVS
diameter-mm 293
expiration-dated N
list-price 1573.37
lower-temperature-rating 2
manufacturer-part-number 1214565
pore-size 0.1
quantity-per-pack 25
temperature-sensitive N
upper-temperature-rating 40


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