GVS MV32ANPPV002FC01 Syringeless Filter Vial, 0.2µm PVDF Yellow


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Save time and money in the sample preparation process with the GVS Separa® Filter Vial.Separa® is a one-step sample preparation device that allows a quick, effective, and simple to use process integrating a self-sampling system, membrane, cap, and lid with precut septa.The liquid is placed in the outer vial and dispensed by pressing the inner insert so that it is pushed through the membrane. The sample is then filtered and Separa® is ready to be loaded into the autosampler.

brand GVS
dimension 32
list-price 375.53
manufacturer-part-number MV32ANPPV002FC01
pore-size 0.2
quantity-per-pack 100


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