GVS 1215071 Poretics™, Filtration Membrane Polycarbonate Track Etched AOX 47mm 0.4 µm

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Polycarbonate Track Etched (PCTE) AOX Membrane, 0.4µm, 47mm, 100/pk, White, Not gridded
GVS Polycarbonate Track Etched (PCTE) Membrane, 0.4µm, 47mm disk. Made from a thin polycarbonate film with precisely defined pores. Results in a thin, translucent polycarbonate filter with a smooth, flat surface. Treated with PVP(Polyvinylpyrillidone) for a hydrophilic membrane.

Features and Benefits

Absolute pore size and density allows for precise size separation. Superior Strength. Low protein binding. Resists chemical staining to ease microscopic visualization.


General Filtration, Legionella test (UNI EN ISO 11731_2017), Removal of red blood cells from plasma, flow control of reagents through assays, precise filtration and prefiltration, fuel testing, cytology, and microscopy
Ideally suited for use in cellular-based filtration assays as well as filtration Applications where high purity is required.


brand GVS
diameter-mm 47
expiration-dated N
list-price 329.96
lower-temperature-rating 2
manufacturer-part-number 1215071
pore-size 0.4
quantity-per-pack 100
temperature-sensitive N
upper-temperature-rating 40


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