Heathrow Scientific 120652 Reagent Reservoir, 25ml Dual, Sterile, single wrap, polystyrene

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A full range of volumes and styles available to accommodate required volume of reagents and reduce waste.“V” shaped well design allows maximum reagent recovery. Easy to read graduation markings located on the top edge with a fill line on inner walls to indicate volume levels.Drip free pour-off spouts at every corner for spill free pouring.Reservoir Chillers are custom fitted for Heathrow Scientific 50 or 100 mL reservoirs to ensure a maximum contact for longer uniform cooling.Manufactured in a clean room with sterile versions certified as RNase/DNase and pyrogen free.Designed for multi-channel pipettes and accommodates most common brands.A wide base ensures stability and tiered wall design prevents deformation when handling and reduces the chance of spills.A unique nesting design allows easy separation that reduces the chance of warped or damaged product.Dual reservoir design allows pipetting of two reagents and/or maximizes recovery of small samples.A full range of volumes and styles available to accommodate required volume of reagents and reduce waste.Available in polystyrene (PS) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).Bulk and five pack versions come conveniently stacked to help save space when storing.Free of animal products.Quality certificate available.Easy tear packaging makes handling quick and efficient.Lot numbers indicated on sterile versions.Patent Pending.


brand Heathrow Scientific
list-price 141.00
manufacturer-part-number 120652
model 120652


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