PALL 4932 Acrodisc Syringe Filter with wwPTFE Membrane - 0.45 µm, 25 mm (1000/pkg)

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Syringe filters are used in analytical chemistry applications to remove particulate contamination prior to analysis. Filtering a sample prior to sample injection into analytical instrumentation will help protect sensitive parts of the instrument from particulate build-up and reduce system downtime. Sample filtration using syringe filters containing 0.45 μm (HPLC) or 0.2 μm (UHPLC) pore size membranes will also extend the life of chromatography columns by preventing particulate from blocking the flow path between the column packing. Pall’s Acrodisc Syringe Filters with wwPTFE membranes have been designed to protect analytical instrumentation and improve the reliability of results. wwPTFE membrane devices are chemically compatible with a wide variety of common solvents and are suitable for use in both aqueous and organic applications. These syringe filters are constructed with solvent compatible polypropylene material. The polypropylene plastic provides the syringe filter with exceptional strength, it is the highest grade of plastic with minimal additives and passes United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Biological Reactivity Test, In Vivo <88> plastics testing. Both the wwPTFE membrane and polypropylene housing are extremely low in levels of potential extractables that can lead to chromatographic interference. The devices are low in protein and API binding which make them ideal for drug studies, such as dissolution testing. Pall provides HPLC certification with these products, ensuring that analytical results will not be compromised by extractable filter materials. Pall membranes are tested for compatibility with common HPLC solvents including water, methanol, and acetonitrile, using established HPLC procedures. In addition, to verify low levels of UV-detectable extractables, samples of the syringe filters are evaluated prior to release. Standard 25 mm Acrodisc syringe filters are designed for the filtration of sample volumes up to 100 mL. They feature an effective filtration area of 2.8 cm2.


brand PALL
diameter-mm 25
effective-filtration-area 2.8 cm²
list-price 1966.00
manufacturer-part-number 4932
material Polypropylene
part-number 4932
pore-size-μm 0.45
quantity-per-pack 1000


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