PALL FD010K65 Jumbosep Centrifugal Device Starter Kits - 10K starter kit, blue (4/pkg)

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Jumbosep centrifugal devices provide the rapid and convenient concentration, diafiltration, and fractionation of biological samples. These uniquely designed, large volume, spin filtration products can accommodate samples up to 60 mL and concentrate a 60 mL sample to 5 mL in typically 30 minutes.

Concentrates 60 mL sample volumes to 5 mL in 30 minutes
Provides high recoveries, typically > 90%
Low protein-binding Omega membrane and polysulfone housing minimize losses due to non-specific binding
Versatile Omega membrane is available in a variety of MWCOs, color coded for easy identification
Built-in deadstop prevents spinning to dryness
Unique sealing mechanism prevents retentate leakage and filtrate contamination
Jumbosep centrifugal devices can be used across a range of ultrafiltration applications. They are ideal for buffer exchange or salt removal of chromatography eluates and gradient fractions. They may also be used for virus concentration or removal; concentration or desalting of enzymes, antibodies, growth factors, lymphokines, DNA, and RNA samples; and separation of antibodies and other biomolecules from cell culture.

The product features a sample reservoir and filtrate receiver, both manufactured from low protein binding and chemically resistant polysulfone material. The sample reservoir and filtrate receiver can be sanitized and reused. An insert release concentrator receiver unit is supplied to ensure the efficient recovery of concentrated samples.

Jumbosep Omega membrane inserts are available in a range of MWCOs. The Omega membrane is manufactured from low protein binding modified polyethersulfone, minimizing the possibility of sample losses due to non-specific binding. These devices offer high recoveries, typically > 90%.

Jumbosep units should be used in a swinging-bucket rotor that accepts standard 250 mL bottles. Users should spin their samples at 1,000 to 3,000 x g, typically for 15 to 40 minutes, to achieve the desired retentate volume. A built-in deadstop prevents from spinning the sample to dryness.

Jumbosep starter kit including four holders, cups, caps, and membrane inserts of chosen MWCO is available for purchase. Packs of replacement Jumbosep membrane inserts may be purchased separately. Membrane inserts feature color coding for the easy identification of MWCO.


brand PALL
effective-filtration-area 15.2 cm²
filter-media Omega (modified polyethersulfone)
list-price 324.00
manufacturer-part-number FD010K65
material Polysulfone
operating-temperature 40 °C
part-number FD010K65
quantity-per-pack 4


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