Sartorius 17528--80----BZD Disposable Gelatine Membrane Filters, 80mm, 3 µm, triple packed, 10/pk

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Gelatine filters - in conjunction with MD8 air samplers (gelatine filter method) - are used for collection of airborne microbes and viruses. Gelatine filter disposables are individually packaged, pre-sterilized and ready-to-use units, each consisting of a gelatine membrane filter and a holder.
Safe and Reliable
The gelatine membrane filter method has distinct advantages over other methods for collecting microorganisms. The filter surface can be positioned in the airflow direction in the test area. Furthermore, the flow rate through the filter can be matched to the velocity of the air being sampled. This is known as isokinetic sampling, and is the accepted method to ensure accurate sampling of both large and small particles. The calibrated MD8 Airscan unit operates outside the test area, making the gelatin membrane method ideal for air monitoring in isolators and clean rooms (classes A & B).
Significant Microbe Retention
The unique properties of gelatine membrane filters provide bacterial retention levels as high as 99.9995% for Bacillus subtilis niger. Their ability to measure extremely low bacteria counts via high flow rates makes them ideal for validating and monitoring critical, sterile areas in pharmaceutical plants. The membranes' 3.0 μm pore size and large surface area enable you to achieve a 1 m3 air sample rate in under eight minutes. Finally, the gelatine membrane filters' inherent high moisture content helps prevent drying out of collected microorganisms during a relevant and meaningful sampling period, such as the entire duration of manufacturing.
Water Soluble
The solubility of gelatine filters is a key prerequisite for any viral sampling. Not only is it necessary in viral sampling, but it also gives you the freedom to use part of a sample for several tests, if the sample size is large enough. As the filter itself dissolves, microbes in one sample can be cultivated on different nutrient media, or one half of the filter used for a growth based method and the other for rapid testing by PCR. This is also beneficial for bacterial counts, both high and low.


applications Air Monitoring
color white
diameter_mm 80
Filtration-Area 38.5 cm²
list-price 161.00
material base Gelatine
part-number 17528--80----BZD
pore-size-μm 3
quantity-per-pack 10
Sterility Sterile


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