Sartorius 180E01---------2 Sartolab® RF 50, PES Sterile Vacuum Filtration Units for 50 mL samples, 0.22 µm, 24/pk

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Sartolab® RF 50, PES Vacuum Filtration Units are single-use vacuum filtration units for volumes up to 50 mL. These units include either a 0.22 µm or a 0.45 µm polyethersulfone (PES) membrane. The PES provides fast flow rates and ensures low protein binding and extractables. These easy-to-use filtration units can be used as stand-alone devices or can be used with the Sartolab® Multistation. This single vacuum source station can simultaneously filtrate up to six samples, virtually hands-free. If using the Sartolab® RF 50 as a stand-alone unit, directly connect the unit’s tubing connector to your vacuum source.
Purchase Individually or Bulk
Sartolab® RF 50 Vacuum Filtration Units are available individually packed and sterile or in bulk and non-sterile.
The RF 50 Build
Sartolab® RF 50 Vacuum Filtration Units are comprised of a funnel with a dust cover, a 50 mL conical tube with a graduation and writing field, and a tubing connector for vacuum connection (for sterile versions only). The funnel is comprised of polystyrene (PS). The membrane filter is 0.22 µm or a 0.45 µm asymmetric polyethersulfone. With your unit, a screw cap is also provided for storage of filtrate (individually wrapped for the sterile versions and bulk wrapped for non-sterile versions).
Significantly Faster Filtration
Sartolab® RF 50 Vacuum Filtration Units are the fastest 50 mL vacuum filtration units compared to multiple leading competitor units (showing a 7 second filtration time for 50 mL cell media + 10% FBS in five 0.22 µm vacuum filtration units).
Multiple Unique Benefits
Sartorius personnel have used their extensive experience in vacuum filtration to deliver one of the most advanced units available, offering high flow rates and minimizing the risk of contamination. These units are ready to use, and no additional transfer of liquid is necessary for storage.


applications Sterile Filtration
brand Sartolab® RF/BT
capacity-mL 50
diameter-mm 59
Filtration-Area 21 cm²
list-price 238.00
material base Polyethersulfone (PES)
part-number 180E01---------2
pore-size-μm 0.22
quantity-per-pack 24
Sterility Sterile


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