Sartorius 93IEXD42DB-12--V Sartobind® Lab D Anion Exchange Membrane Adsorbers, 3 - 5 µm, 2/pk

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Based on the Patented Sartobind® Platform
Sartobind® Lab membrane adsorbers for immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) are ready-to-use units in a syringe filter format. They are based on the patented macroporous Sartobind® membranes, with iminodiacetic acid (IDA) covalently bound to the entire internal surface of the pores. This results in a chromatography matrix with superior flow rates and high binding capacity. The IDA ligand enables coupling of the metal ion of your choice to the membrane adsorber, ensuring simple process optimization for maximum purity and yield of each his-tagged protein.
Ultimate Versatility
Sartobind® Lab IDA units are available with a 2.1 mL bed volume, providing binding capacities up to 7.5 mg his-tagged protein per unit. Equipped with standard Luer lock connectors, Sartobind® Lab units enable simple, equipment-free handling by syringe, or can be easily connected to FPLC systems for automated purifications. The units are compatible with most common chromatography buffers and can be regenerated for multiple purification cycles, ensuring high-cost efficiency.


applications Screening. Optimization. His-tagged Protein Purification
brand Sartobind® Lab
Filtration-Area 75 cm²
list-price 240.00
material base Polypropylene (PP)
Maximum-Operating-Pressure 0.6 MPa
part-number 93IEXD42DB-12--V
pore-size-μm 3-6
quantity-per-pack 2
Volume-mL 1.3


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