VistaLab 1157-0999 Pipette, Ovation, (F1) Starter Pack, Includes, 10µL, 100µL, 200µL,1000µL, 3 Rack Tips

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Ovation BioNatural fi x ed volume pipettors are designed for ergonomically correct pipetting. Its non-a x ial design allows the wrist to remain in a neutral range of motion throughout all pipetting operations. Twenty-four models are available with fi x ed volumes range from 1 µL to 1000 µL in single or two stoke (overblow) models. To aspirate and dispense fluid with a one-stroke pipette, the plunger is fully depressed and then released during either operation. Ovation pipettes with the one stroke feature are calibrated “to deliver” (TD). With two stroke pipettes, the plunger has a “stop” appro x imately midway to the bottom of its stroke. To aspirate fluid, the plunger is depressed to the stop and then released. To dispense, the plunger is depressed to the stop, then after one second it is fully depressed to initiate overblow, forcing any remaining liquid out of the tip. Ovation pipettes with the two-stroke feature are calibrated “to contain” (TC).
Nozzle e x tender for electronic single channel, adjustable and fi x ed volume models enables pipettors to get to the bottom of 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes or other tall tubes.
The Ovation Cap Opener provides an easy-to-use ergonomic solution for opening PCR or microtubes while pipetting. This accessory attaches to the base of the pipette, and accommodates most microtube sizes. Simply slide the top into the groove of the Cap Opener and rotate or tilt the base of the pipette to pull open the cap.
Ovation Starter Pack: Includes one 10µL, one 100µL, one 200µL, one 1000µL, an Ovation Pipette Stand, and 3 racks of Ovation tips.


brand VistaLab
list-price 1,224.00
manufacturer-part-number 1157-0999
material PVDF
part-number 1157-0999
sterile No


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