Whatman 10417706 Membrane Circles,Cycloper PC 0,4µm 25mm 100/pk

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CYL PC 25MM 0.4uM 100/PK
Whatman Cyclopore membranes are true pore size microporous membranes featuring sharp cut-off and reproducible microfiltration performance characteristics of track etched membranes. The smooth flat membrane ensures particles are retained on the surface so that they are easily visible under a microscope.Cyclopore membranes are manufactured using proprietary Whatman technology to produce a precision membrane filter with a closely controlled pore size distribution.Membranes are produced from a pure polymeric film and give exceptional chemical cleanliness. They are free of contaminants, have low tare weight, minimum water adsorption, and very low levels of nonspecific protein binding.The polycarbonate (PC) membranes are hydrophilic and are available in a choice of diameters and pore sizes. The polyester (PE) membranes are resistant to most organic solvents, amides, and halogenated hydrocarbons. This broad chemical compatibility makes them suitable for the detection of particles in many corrosive fluids.
brand Whatman
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list-price 96.56
manufacturer-part-number 10417706
model 10417706


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