Whatman WB100024 CloneSaver Resealable Multi-Barrier Pouch, 50 Pack

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The Elutrap system is designed to isolate nucleic acids and proteins from agarose or polyacrylamide gel slices by electroelution. Samples are purified with excellent recovery into volumes as low as 200 ul, without requiring sample pretreatment or special buffers.

The Elutrap system can be used with most horizontal gel electrophoresis chambers. The Elutrap electrophoresis chamber allows for the most efficient flow of current through the device and can be used for up to four samples simultaneously. Assembly of the Elutrap system is very easy. Gel slices are placed in the middle of the Elutrap device, which is then placed into a horizontal electrophoresis chamber. Molecules migrate from the gel slice into a trap area formed by BT1 and BT2 membranes.

Versatile system can be used for nucleic acids and proteins.
Purifies nucleic acids 14 bp to 15 kbp and proteins larger than Mr 3 to 5.
No salt cushions or special buffers required for elution.
Adjustable trap allows optimization of fil sample volume.
Electrophoresis chamber holds up to four Elutrap devices simultaneously.


brand Whatman
diameter-mm 177.8 in. x 177
manufacturer-part-number WB100024
part-number WB100024
quantity-per-pack 50


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