Whatman WB120206 FTA Classic Card, Indicating, 4 Sample Areas Per Card, 100 Pack

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Collect, stabilize, process, transport, and archive buccal DNA samples with Whatman Indicating FTA Classic Cards. Whatman FTA technology consists of two distinct chemistries, both of which have the ability to lyse cells on contact, denature proteins, and protect D from degradation. FTA chemistry contains chemical denaturants and a free radical scavenger. With FTA, the D remains tightly bound while proteins and inhibitors are washed from the matrix. There are three options for D analysis with FTA cards: direct amplification, standard amplification with rinsing (punch-in method), and extraction of D from the card.

FTA cards are available as indicating cards for use with clear samples, such as buccal cells or saliva. The cards include a pink indicating dye that turns to white when a clear sample is applied.

Improves process efficiency by enabling direct amplification for STR analysis.
Ideal for colored samples, like blood.
Immediate stabilization and protection of nucleic acids due to FTA technology.
Different card options to support manual or automated processing for fast and efficient sampling.
Long term archiving of samples at room temperature due to FTA card technology.
Common Applications:
Transgenic identification
Transfusion medicine/HLA typing
Plasmid screening
Food and agriculture testing
Drug discovery
STR analysis
Animal identification
Whole genome amplification
Molecular biology


brand Whatman
diameter-mm 184.9 x 100
manufacturer-part-number WB120206
part-number WB120206
quantity-per-pack 100


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