Whatman WB120208 FTA Gene Card With 3 Sample Areas Per Card, 100 Pack

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FTA Cards contain chemicals that lyse cells, denature proteins, and protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidative, and UV damage.
FTA Gene Card is an FTA Card enclosed in a rigid card frame. Three sample areas for application of up to 225 ul whole blood or 300ul plant homogete per card. Can be utilized in many automatic dispensing/pipetting systems when used with the FTA Gene Card Tray (catalog number WB13).
Capture nucleic acid in one easy step.
Captured nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications in less than 3 min.
D collected on FTA Cards is stable for years at room temperature.
FTA Cards are stored at room temperature before and after sample application, reducing the need for laboratory freezers.
Suitable for virtually any cell type.
Indicating FTA Cards change color upon sample application to facilitate handling of colorless samples.
FTA Cards are available in a variety of configurations to meet application requirements.
Custom configurations are available on request.

brand Whatman
diameter-mm 120.9 x 75.9
manufacturer-part-number WB120208
part-number WB120208
quantity-per-pack 100


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