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Mechanical Balances

The mechanical balance and all of its variations dates back centuries. Whether you need a trip balance, triple beam balance, overhead mechanical balance, or industrial-sized mechanical balance, we have a wide range to suit your individual or institutional needs. We also carry several models geared for primary and secondary educational purposes and the scientists of tomorrow. At DSC, Data Support Company, we specializes in state of the art, quality lab supplies including mechanical balances all at the lowest possible price. We carry mechanical balances from brands such as Ohaus, Adam Equipment, A&D, Radwag, Mettler, Sartorius, all standards of excellence in the commercial, laboratory, veterinarian and educational settings.

Most of our brands are GLP, ISO and FCC compliant and built with the highest standards of excellence. Our balances have a maximum weight capacity from 2,610g to 1,000lb. Looking for another type of balance or lab instrument? We also carry moisture and fat analyzers, weighing scales and balances, calibration instruments, PH water conductivity meters and filters. Please use our drop down menu to sort by a wide range of specs including price range, brand, results readability, grade, air flow rate, dimension, capacity and more. Contact our expert lab technicians for questions about which balance is right for you. We are an authorized dealer of all brands and product lines we carry and many of our products come with a warranty.