DSC HFT- 3000F Ground Beef & Pork Fat Tester®

The DSC HFT-3000F fat analyzer allows control of fat content at profitable levels and is cost effective for both small meat markets and large Chain Super Stores. This system is used in hundreds of markets with proven reliability and a fast pay-back period.

It comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

DSC Fat Analysis Precision Compared to Traditional Method

  • DSC Fat Analysis is ±0.5% Range of 1%
  • Traditional Fat Analysis is ±2.0% Range of 4.0%
  • DSC Fat Analysis is Four Times More Precise
  • DSC Fat Analysis is also Accurate for Lean Samples

DSC Fat Analysis Precision Compared to Traditional Method


Assure Finished Product Quality and Profits

  • Confirm compliance and product specifications
  • Verify product formulation and process profitability

Wide range of applications

The DSC HFT-3000F can analyze ground beef and ground pork for moisture and fat.

Higher Accuracy for Lean Samples

Your traditional fat tester is inaccurate when testing products leaner than 20% fat since reading the measurement on your collection tube is subjective and is usually an estimate. The DSC HFT-3000F ® reading is digital and is highly accurate from 1% to 99% fat.

Ease of USE

The DSC HFT-3000F®  is completely automatic and simple to operate. The complete system requires minimal training and is ideal to use by anyone.

Industrial Design

Durable instrument allows reliable operation in all kinds of environments.


Savings will vary depending on the selling price of finished product. In this example we will examine ground beef with specification of 15% fat and actual finished product of 12% fat. We will assume finished product selling price of $2.20/Lb. at fat value of $0.30/Lb. for a sales volume of 5,000 Lbs./Week or 250,000 Lbs./Year:


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