Microwave Moisture Analyzer should be precise all the time. Its precision is relative to many factors. One factor to consider is preventive maintenance and regular calibration. A preventive maintenance and calibration schedule has the advantage of securing your investment as well as ensuring that you’re getting the accuracy you need to guarantee you’ll produce the quality product that your brand is known for. We offer preventive maintenance and calibration services that see to it that your moisture analyzer will give you accurate analysis.

Our Services

Preventive maintenance and calibration include the following:

    • Check Microwave Leakage - preventive maintenance starts with microwave leakage. Why check for leakage? First of all, it is for safety as microwaves emit radiation that can be harmful to technicians and operators. Second, a leak can compromise the temperature as you dry out the material for analysis.
    • Check Electronic Boards and Tighten Connectors - Given the many materials that pass through your analyzer, material spilling as well as moving can’t be helped. So to ensure your electronic boards and connectors are working properly for more accurate results, preventive maintenance is critical.
    • Conduct Temperature Verification Tests - Our expert technicians conduct temperature verification tests to make sure the temperatures within specific parameters are met all the time. Different materials require various temperature settings to evaporate moisture. Our tech services provide temperature testing to ensure your analyzer’s temperature control and settings give you accurate results.
    • Conduct Standard Solution Verification Tests - Different materials have various water or solution content. A microwave moisture analyzer tests for water content - among other liquid matter in the raw material. Standard solution verification tests are conducted to produce precision in your analysis.
    • Conduct Power/Wattage Tests - Power distribution for microwave moisture analyzers is important, aside from guaranteeing the functionality of the device, poor power distribution or error in wattage affects temperature settings.
    • Conduct Balance Drift Test - Balance is critical in measuring weight, as the analyzer weighs the material to measure moisture content. Microwave moisture analyzer balance tests are conducted in preventive maintenance to make sure the measured weight of raw materials are accurate, before and after moisture content evaporates.
    • Calibrate Balance Module - Calibrating balance module is important in microwave moisture analyzer preventive maintenance services to make sure the balance module is within standard measurements. 

We pride ourselves in the services we provide clients - quality and reliable services in Microwave moisture analyzer preventive maintenance, calibration as well as repair or replacement of parts. We also offer these services to other laboratory equipments. We maintain and calibrate all brands of moisture analyzers.

Our teams of technicians are trained and well adept in various laboratory equipment and brands. They’ve worked in different industry settings and environments that make them aware of the different problems that may occur.

We provide services across industries from manufacturing - food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and plastic industries as well as wastewater treatment. Our teams of expert technicians are trained to provide services in these different industries. Technical expertise combined with experience across manufacturing and treatment facilities provide our clients a huge difference in the services we offer.