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DSC Compact Digital Fat Analyzers

DSC patented digital fat tester has replaced many of the antiquated drip type fat testers in supermarkets and meat processing plants. 

The old drip type fat testers made by Univex and Hobart are subjective to the user reading a fat to water interphase level inside of test tube hence each operator could provide you with a different reading on the same sample within 5% of the actual fat concentration. The drip method fat testers are limited to a reading of minimum fat content of 20% and the accuracy drops tremendously below 20% fat. Since the drip method is an analog method you could not obtain a print out of the fat content and you have to rely on the operator to keep a manual log sheet. 

DSC digital fat tester is the most accurate fat tester for ground beef, ground pork, ground lamb and ground poultry.  DSC digital fat tester could provide result as low as 1% fat. Unlike the drip method which requires measuring the initial weight of the sample DSC fat analyzer has a built in balance that automatically measures the weight of the sample for the most repeatable result within ± 0.5% accuracy.  DSC fat content test are performed on a disposable sample holders versus reusable glass vials of drip method.  The glass vials if not washed properly could affect the test results. DSC digital fat testers are glass free to avoid any glass contamination in your meat production department. 

The DSC Fat Analyzer is completely automatic and simple to operate. The complete system requires minimal training and is ideal to use by anyone without any laboratory experience. The industrial design of DSC Fat tester and its durability allows reliable operation in all kinds of environments. DSC fat tester allows you to formulate within 1% of you targeted fat content therefore improving your profit margin. The typical payback period compared to the cost of the drip method is less than 6 months.