DSC Pre-weighed Filters, 934AH RTU, TSS, VSS, 55 mm; 100/Pk

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  • Decrease sample prep time for your suspended solids testing
  • Approved for Standard Methods 2540

  • Ready-to-use filters for total and volatile suspended solids
  • Each filter is individually prepared, weighed, and labeled to be ready for use upon receipt
  • Eliminate loose fibers and inaccurate weights with precise, laser-cut edges
  • Quality control ensures filter integrity with visual inspection after each cutting, washing, and drying step
  • Click here for DSC Pre-weighed Filters
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diameter-mm 55
grade 934AH
lead-time 1
manufacturer-part-number 5510
material Binderless Borosilicate Glass Microfiber
pore-size 1.5


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