PALL 4252 Integrity Test Kit - Integrity Test Kit, includes pressure guage, three-way valve, and 10 mL syringe (1/pkg)

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Integrity Test Kit - Verifies device integrity using one minute water breakthrough or bubble point tests - Non-destructive test performed either in situ or in the lab - For use with Acro 50 vent devices Integrity Testing Bubble Point Method. 1. Fill a 10 mL or larger syringe with a fresh solution of 60/40 Isopropanol/Water. 2. Insert the syringe male luer into the Acro 50 vent filter and orient the outlet in an upward direction. 3. Gradually (with low pressure) wet the Acro 50 vent filter membrane, allowing the Isopropanol/Water mixture to displace the air within the housing. 4. Flush the wetted filter with an additional 10-30 mL of 60/40 Isopropanol/Water at higher syringe pressure to assure thorough wetting (using less than a 10 mL flush may result in incomplete wetting). 5. Attach a syringe pressure gauge to an air-filled syringe or pressure vessel. Attach the Acro 50 vent filter and orient the filter in an upward direction. 6. By applying increasing pressure, gradually push the air into the filter while constantly watching for bubbles at the outlet of the Acro 50 vent filter. 7. Read pressure gauge at the moment rapid continuous bubbling appears to determine bubble point (see relevant product specifications). Installation Integrity Due to the unacceptable nature of alcohol in many applications, and the need for an easy, routine procedure for integrity testing, we recommend the Water Breakthrough Test (WBT). This test is also referred to as water intrusion pressure or water entry pressure. Note: A WBT cannot be performed on units following an alcohol bubble point test due to the residual alcohol "wetting out" the membrane. Filter integrity testing equipment, including instruments and apparatus, is crucial for ensuring the reliability of filters in critical process filtration applications. These devices conduct integrity tests to verify that filters are functioning correctly and are free from defects, ensuring the purity and safety of the filtration process. This testing is essential in industries where filtration precision is critical. This relatively simple and reproducible test has been adopted by membrane manufacturers and reported in their literature and specifications for hydrophobic membranes. If water penetration is not evident at significant pressures, the basic integrity of the filter assembly is confirmed. Any physical destruction or rupture of the membrane is easily detected. The WBT takes only a minute to run and is very reproducible. Integrity Testing (continued) 1. Fill a 10 mL syringe* (male luer) with water. 2. By using a 3-way connector, attach the calibrated syringe pressure gauge (must measure up to 30 psi, 2.1 bar, 210 kPa), syringe, and the external connector of the Acro 50 vent filter. 3. Gently fill the housing and connectors with water. 4. Apply appropriate pressure, 15 psi (1.0 bar, 100 kPa) with syringe plunger and hold this pressure for 15 seconds. 5. Integrity of housing and membrane is proven by retention of water in the syringe, and by the pressure remaining steady. 6. If failure occurs, check connectors for leaks and repeat above steps. If failure reoccurs, discard filter unit. 7. After completing test procedure, expel water from the syringe and fill with air. Remove the luer vent plug, orient the vent down and force air from the syringe into the Acro 50 vent filter housing. Water in the housing will be forced out the vent port clearing all passages for easy air flow. Alternatively, aspirate the water back into the syringe by pulling back on the syringe plunger. *Over a period of time, the syringe and stopcock can begin to wear and may affect water breakthrough test results. Any standard 10 mL (or greater) syringe with luer slip fittings may be substituted.


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