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DSC offers Microwave Moisture Analyzers that provide faster test time than regular moisture balance. Operating on LOD concept, these analyzers are suitable for high volume testing or when the availability of the results is needed at the shortest possible time. Shut-off criteria can be set on either constant time or constant weight. These analyzers have a resolution of 0.1 milligram and 0.001% Moisture reading. DSC carries various brands and models including CEM, Omnimark, Denver Instruments, Prekeem, and Sartorius. Full application laboratory offers parameter determination and technical support. DSC also sells complete line of accessories including sample pads, air shield, pan support and stem. Unit price starts as low as $6,295.

DSC stock a range of microwave moisture analyzer brands and models to suit all requirements, including Prekeem, CEM, Denver Instruments, Sartorius and Omnimark, as well as our own products. Whether you need to analyze large or small liquid, solid or pasty samples, DSC's microwave moisture analyzers use the latest technology, including touch screen, sensors and built-in weighing systems (dependent on model) to get the right results every time.

DSC's range of analyzers operate on LOD. As such, they can provide accurate results faster than other analyzers, with a 0.1 milligram resolution and a moisture reading of 0.001%. The shut off criteria can be set according to constant time or constant weight, and DSC's analyzers can also be used for high volume testing. 

Laboratory application and installation includes parameter determination as well as technical support, either from DSC or the manufacturer, so don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any issues with your new equipment. A complete line of accessories for microwave moisture analyzers are also available from DSC, including sample pads, pan supports, air shields and stems. Prices for our LOD microwave moisture analyzers start from $6,295.